Accessibility statement


This accessibility statement applies to website and has been prepared by 29.02.2024. The testing and evaluation was performed in Safari and Chrome browsers. The accessibility tools used for testing were as follows; on the computer, VoiceOver. The axe DevTools utilities has been used to assess accessibility.

Accessibility status

The website mostly meets the WCAG 2.1 requirements of Level A and Level AA, but the website is not yet fully compliant with all accessibility requirements.

Accessibility issues

There are significant issues in perceivability (WCAG 2.1 section 1.1 and 1.4) and operability (WCAG 2.1. section 2.1) in all pages that contain an interactive map. This includes Explore, Items, and Item pages. In addition, the accordion list in the Explore page has the active states missing (WCAG 2.1 section 2.1).

Accessibility feedback

We collect feedback from users and improve the accessibility of the site. If you noticed any shortcomings on our site, please let us know by emailing:

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, or if you do not receive a response at all within two weeks, please contact us.

If you are not satisfied with the service or if you do not receive a satisfactory response within two weeks, you can report the problem to the Regional State Administrative Agencies of Southern Finland.

Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agencies
Accessibility Monitoring Unit
tel. +358 295 016 000


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Accessibility statement

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